CEO Message

Ajwa Engineering

At Ajwa Engineering, we pride ourselves on our synergy of various skill sets. Our years of industry experience have sculpted the services we provide to regular and new clients. These everyday building and maintenance tasks are often not the most pleasant or seamless experiences for the end user but we feel that this adds to our appeal.

With a family of high efficiency condensing boilers ranging in size from a modest 80 MBH to an impressive 800 MBH, and with more options than any other manufacturer in the hydronic industry, Ajwa Engineering Boiler Company offers UNMATCHED capability in condensing boilers.

We want you to join our family too. We proudly offer high-efficiency boilers and radiators for the Pakistan home heating industry. You’re family, we’ll treat you like it.

We currently service a prioritized handful of selected high-end reputable businesses that depend on us to solve their everyday emergencies and to protect their interests. We provide detailed feedback and photos for each issue that we are presented with to allow our clients to understand the problem and solution. Long-term business relations like these are built on trust and performance.

Ajwa Engineering specialize in installation, repairs and servicing of gas central heating systems. We deliver complete solution: from planning, pipe work, boiler fitting and testing.